MT-PC Policies

MT-PC’s mission is to provide accessiblesustainable, and quality learning opportunities to support Music Therapists in furthering their education and to support podcasters in continuing to inform and inspire their listeners. Thank you for supporting our mission. If you have further questions after reading the policies below, you can contact Tricia at

30 Day Refund Policy

MT-PC maintains a 30 Day Refund Policy. 100% refund within 30 days of purchase is you are not satisfied with the quality of the course. Refunds will only be given with proof of purchase and course completion. No refunds can be given after 30 days of purchase or after CMTE credits have been granted. You can view our full grievance policy here on our website. If you are unsatisfied, you are encouraged to reach out to communicate concerns, questions, or grievance so we can help. You can vie our full grievance policy here.

90 Day Completion Policy

MT-PC maintains a 90 Day Completion Policy on all courses

This means that a pod-course must be completed within 90 days of purchase in order to obtain the pre-approved CMTE’s through CBMT. There are two main reasons why we uphold this policy:

  1. All courses pre-approved by CBMT require the Approved Provider (MT-PC) to complete documentation on participants completion status and responses on the CBMT evaluation. In order for MT-PC to be compliant with this, we must regularly update our documentation in order to submit accurate data to CBMT. The 90 Day Completion Policy ensures that we can accurately maintain our own documentation and submit it to CBMT within a timely manner.
  2. MT-PC frequently sends courses into the vault where they may be revamped for re-release, or remain indefinitely. When a course enters the vault it is no longer in compliance with CBMT as an approved course and therefore MT-PC cannot award CMTE’s for course completion.

It is common for courses pre-approved for CMTE credits to require completion within 90 days, and MT-PC strictly maintains this standard for the reasons listed above. If you have further questions or wish to file a grievance, you can view the MT-PC Grievance Policy here.

What to do if you missed the 90 day window:

  1. Check our shop, if the course is still available for purchase then you can still earn the CMTE’s (it’ll be our secret 😉).
  2. If the course is no longer available in our shop (and has been moved to the vault) then you may choose to complete the course and submit the time spent on the course to CBMT as a non-pre-approved submission (such as independent learning).