The MT-PC Mission

The MT-PC Mission

Music Therapy Podcast Collective’s mission is to provide accessible, sustainable, and quality learning opportunities to support Music Therapists in furthering their education and to support podcasters in continuing to inform and inspire their listeners.


As podcasters we will continue to produce free content for the public. We are also creating continuing education opportunities that are accessible and can provide interns, young professionals, and seasoned professionals with affordable options to obtain CMTE’s.


For Podcasters: Providing free content is not free for podcasters! Since music therapy is a small profession, we realize that getting ads or sponsorships (traditional revenue from podcasting) is extremely limited. We are hoping this model can provide sustainability for podcasters so that we can keep providing free content in a sustainable way.
For Student/Interns/Young Professionals: Many music therapists drive as part of their jobs (especially if you live in a rural area, are a young professional, or are in private practice). We realize that your time is valuable. With this model, you can spend your time learning and earning; thus making your job more sustainable as well.


Most of all, we believe in quality. Although we want to make sure these opportunities are affordable and accessible, we also want to make sure that what we are producing is quality education. We take the responsibility of providing continuing education opportunities very seriously. We are always open to feedback and encourage you to reach out to us with any questions or concerns about quality!