How It Works:

How It Works:

MT-PC will have a variety of pod-courses that are theme-based like any other CMTE opportunity (Ethics, Self-Care, Trauma and MT, Private Practice, etc.) Our hope is to have a variety of pod-courses created by different podcasters. The episodes within the pod-courses are still published for free as usual, but the pod-courses through MT-PC offer additional materials and support.

Our main goal is to make this convenient for you. We select episodes that are related, combine them into a course, create a detailed workbook to help synthesize the material in the episodes, offer one live office hour, and wrap it up in a bow.

Once you have completed all of the materials in the pod-course, you can earn the pre-approved CBMT credits and get your certificate sent directly to you!

Each course will contain the following materials required to receive your CMTE certificate:

Podcast Episodes

The pod-course that you choose will have particular episodes that are required listening that are identified in the course outline. The rest of the workbook and office hour are based on these episodes.

Experiential Workbook

The experiential workbook will contain self-study resources (links to articles, videos, research, other podcasts), reflective journaling prompts, and detailed action planning guide.

Office Hour

The office hour (attended live or pre-recorded) is an opportunity to discuss the material from the episodes, engage in Q &A, and extend your learning. The recording of the office hour will be available as a video or as a bonus podcast episode!

Have questions? Interested in learning more? Reach out!